Here’s a little preview of the next SeoulPodcast with dietician Stanley Crocker.

A student in Jennifer’s school, somewhere in the 12 to 13-year-old range, wrote this play.  We reenacted it.

Narrator – Jennifer Young

Peter – Joe McPherson

Matthew – Stanley Crocker

The Sun’s Disgust
Narrator: It was the eve of World War II when this couple had to separate because of the occupation of Europe. In the magnificent atmosphere created by the coast, this couple was about to suffer the most painful tragedy in their lives.
Peter (very sad): Oh, Katrina, why must our love be sacrificed to those devilish Germans?
Matthew (in disgust): Those German bitches.
Peter (still sad): No, Katrina, I did not come to you to insult Germans. Katrina, I am very sorry, but I have another love that is…
Matthew (surprised): What! You have another girl?!
Peter (proud): Yes, i do! She is cute; she is from Galapagos, and she has a much more sexual body structure, so you better be jealous.
Matthew (curious): What is her name?
Peter (proud): she is called Aye-Aye (shows the doll). I am going to hump her, lick her, suck her fluids, and reproduce until the very end (do the actions of humping, etc.)
Matthew (sighing): Peter is just wrong.