Why Advertise on Podcasts?

Well, why not?  Podcasts have quickly become a blessing to advertisers who want to get market penetration in targeted areas.

Let’s be real.  When you pay for advertising in a magazine, most people skim over it.  When you put an ad on the radio or TV, they change the station.

Podcast listeners are dedicated.  They actively seek, download and listen to shows.  They don’t channel surf.  They don’t browse.  Even better, they are avid fans.  They are more likely to support advertisers on a show they intentionally download and listen to.  You reach a higher percentage of your market by using niche podcast advertising.  Or rather, you attract more ears for your money.

Who Listens to the SeoulPodcast?

According to the latest statistics we have from Blubrry, it breaks downlike this:

United States 33.5%
South Korea 47.8%
Canada 9.9%
Australia 1.8%
United Kingdom 1.5%
Others 5.5%

The audience for the SeoulPodcast is growing, especially with the positive press it has gotten through major media outlets such as The JoongAng Daily, The Korea Herald and Arirang TV.

PLUS your ads remain on archived shows, which remain popular long after they first come online.  A single episode can generate from 400 to over 1,500 downloads over a few months.

What Markets are Ideal?

Many SeoulPodcast listeners are college graduates with a comfortable amount of disposable income.  A good many are also ex-patriates living in Korea or people planning to move to Korea.  The SeoulPodcast does not accept advertising for pornography or sex services and avoids political advertisement.  That being said, the following types of advertisers would be ideal fits for our audience:

  • Restaurants and Grocery Stores
  • Korea-related Tourism Organizations
  • ESL Businesses, such as private schools and recruiters
  • Health services, such as dentists and clinics
  • Leisure services, such as spas and gyms
  • Korea-related Events
  • Online Services
  • Relocation Services
  • Entertainment and Media

How Can I Advertise on the SeoulPodcast?

Ads are kept in perpetuity within each individual show, meaning an ad placed in a show this month will still remain there available for download permanently.  It’s never removed except by special request of the advertiser.  So you are not just getting a month’s advertising.  Your one-month ad will reap benefits long after ads in other formats have expired.  TV and radio ads happen once and disappear.  People don’t read old newspapers.  Yet listeners regularly download “back issues” of podcasts, which makes podcasting a sticky and valuable marketing tool.

Rates are charged on a monthly basis based on the total downloads for the month before the previous one.  For example, the rates for March are calculated based on the downloads for January, using the CPM (cost per thousand) method.  Total monthly downloads are measured by Blubrry.  A monthly sponsorship includes all shows published within a particular month.

Rates include podcast audio advertisements and banner ads on the top of the site.  The banner must be narrow enough to fit in the sidebar to the right and short enough to allow space for all advertisers.

While many podcasters require a minimum three or six month contract, we only require a month-long obligation.  We do offer discounts for longer contracts.  See below for details.

Rates for January 2008

Based on 4,624 total downloads for November 2008.

Host Endorsement ($140/month at $35 CPM)

This is the most effective form of advertising.  Hosts of radio, TV and podcasting are influential to their audience.  The hosts take time in the middle of the podcast to discuss a product, making it a seamless part of the regular show.  Endorsements are also the most selective.  The hosts only endorse products they believe in which adds more value.

Front End 10-second Ad ($80 at $20 CPM)

These 10-second ads are played after the SeoulPodcast Productions opening sweeper before the plugs.  We can produce them, or you can send us an audio file.

Back End 10-second Ad ($60 at $15 CPM)

These 10-second ads are played at the very end of the show.  We can produce them, or you can send us an audio file.

Front End Plug ($60 at $15 CPM)

The Front End Plugs are quick sponsor credits that take place after the main ads and before the weekly fake ad.  A plug includes basic information like the name of the business, location or contact information and a tagline.  Example: “The SeoulPodcast is sponsored by ExPat Living, only in the Korea Herald.”

Back End Plug ($40 at $10 CPM)

The Back End Plug is like the Front End Plug but is announced by King Sejong during the ending credits.

Segment Sponsorship ($60 at $15 CPM)

You have the option to choose a regular segment on the SeoulPodcast, such as News, ExPat Community, or Things That Make You Go Whaa?.  Segment sponsorship includes a  plug (business name, contact info, tagline) before the segment starts.  Example: “ExPat Community is brought to you by Dave’s Restaurant in Itaewon.  Cheeseburgers, beers, good times.  Check out our web site at”

Special Discounts

We give fixed rate discounts to sponsors who agree to advertise a minimum of three months at a time.  “Fixed rate” means that the rate stays the same for each month in the contract period, even when the number of downloads increase.  If by some strange supernatural occurrence the CPM decreases enough during that period significantly enough to affect rates, you will be refunded the difference.

3 months – 10% discount
6 months – 20% discount

Contact Information

Joe McPherson
[email protected]