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* Thanks to Rob York for the inspiration


It looks like there was an explosion that damaged the ship.

Another helicopter crash?!

Another politician in a bribery scandal?! (OK, I’m not actually surprised.) The police chase is a new twist, though. Hehe.

Three Jeju Teacher’s Union members convicted of… “political” (aka “union-like”) activity.

Homeschooling comes to Korea. Which reminds me, I saw some kind of “Trot for Jesus” performance in MyeongDong on Saturday.

Clearly Kang Shin Who didn’t write this article about Korean hagwon teachers caught with fake degrees and drugs, because there is no mention of foreigners.

Korean Internet Security Number 1!!!


Tax payers money at work here on the peninsula.

StarCraft Cheating Scandal Rocks South Korea

Craigslist in Korea catches up with the rest of the world.

Rain’s video banned because it shows him breaking the law. No, really.

Woman becomes trapped in own washing machine

Arisu – Seoul City Tap Water

Korea to Export Corn in Pizza!

I’m trying to psych Stafford up for a trip to the Promised Land (if the promise is that Walmart will be open 24 hours.) Will this help?

Can a Korean be the Voice of McDonald’s? I don’t think she’s even lip-syncing. What kind of example is that to her countrymen?

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