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Seoul Metro: Our subway cars are so clean you could eat off the floor. And many times people actually do.

The Robert Wicks Project has borne fruit… or something

Former Prime Minister found not (clearly 100%) guilty … But a new inquiry has already started.
Mt. Keumgang tourism in doubt again
Shocking quote of the week: ‘The biggest problem is that Koreans have little experience in dealing with or working side by side with people who are different from them.’
Naval vessel update

South Korean Newspaper Celebrates Moscow Subway Attacks – Pravda.Ru
Korea Times Editors Fired?

Drinking and Porn at Uni MT– what could go wrong?
Korean bullying gets mention in US suicide story. Korea, Fighting!
60 schools to have leveled math and English classes
SMOE corruption charges lead to 10 dismissals!!!!
SMOE won’t be hiring this fall, EPIK to take care of it.
Daewon Accused of Forced Donations
Class action suit filed against Japan over their textbooks’ use of “Takeshima” (unbelievably, it was thrown out. Of Korean Court.)
Welcome in NY. Here’s your Dokdo Bracelet.
Divorcees have pensions garnished regardless of grounds for divorce
An egg vending machine in a subway station in Seoul (scroll down a bit)

Would you give your child advice on drinking alcohol?

Moon Geun-young again proves she is my kind of woman

2S2 Blood drive to help YooWoon Jeon, along with the Facebook group and other pleas.
2S2 is growing
Korea to offer F-2-S visa points for ‘cultural based activites’

Breaking News English Lessons: ESL Plans Teaching Current Events

Robot Museum in Hyehwa. Apparently all funds went into the exhibit, with none left for the website. But I still want to go.

Tatter What? Nanoomi Who? Looah Where?

Top 35 Inspirational Korean Websites | The Design Inspiration

Blue Canyon water park

I just had fun playing with the web site


You’re A Fucking Mess.

NSFW from Blackout Korea

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