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Where the heck have we been? Again.

It’s Easter, but you’d never know it in Korea.


The rescue mission continues after the sinking of a Naval vessel last week, but a fishing boat has gone missing, and another rescuer has died. (Most of these links are to fill in anyone who doesn’t know about it.)

Another cab-driving rapist.

A seachange? A school has been forced to repay “donations” it panhandled last year. Well, the first W150M, anyway.

Not yet (with the seachange). More graft in the public school system.

iPad! iPad! iPad! Coming to Korea “in a long time” according to well-informed Frisbee “genius.” (Do you really need a link?)

Koreans Unhappy with Japanese Textbooks Claiming Dokdo as Japanese Territory

Also, kind of news, but there has been another celebrity suicide. Choi Jin-young, brother of previous celebrity suicider, Choi Jin-sil.

South Korean suicide rate highest in OECD again.

Koreans don’t know about caller ID? 119 is fining April Fool’s pranksters.

Violent offenders to be barred from working for loan companies.

Shopping, Taxis Annoy Tourists… Especially Japanese Ones

Is TV program “Misuda” (“Chat with Beauties”) on its way out?

Immigrant changes her name to Lee Hyo-ri.

OK, maybe I plagiarized you. Will you appear on my remix?

Even the Taliban seem to be suffering under this economy.

UN advising Korea about hagwons | Asian Correspondent

The Most Obnoxious Korean Behavior Is…….

Brian is no longer in Jeollanam-Do, and this may be why. Kang Shin Who, you are a legend (in your own mind/ among anti-foreigner hate group losers/ to hack journalists.)

President of Seoul National University of Education calls native speaker English teachers unqualified, drug-takers.

Time To Go After the F-4 Guys?

Another journalistic classic

ATEK and a new competitor. Can’t we all just get along?

Rumblings about ATEK: Response to Chris

The British Embassy will not be handling passport issues past August.



Not really expat-only, but Chris in SK has his April events calendar posted, as does The Yeogiyo, if you want to get out of your one-room and appreciate the all-too-brief spring (one of four distinct seasons!)

[White, Secret Hole]

[The audacity of Konglish]

YouTube – Master of Business Card Throwing



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