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Samsung Educational Robotics


Brian Deutsch (Brian in Jeollanam-do)

Michael Hurt (Scribblings of the Metropolitician)



Anti-English Spectrum’s leader admits to stalking “following” foreign teachers in the Los Angeles Times

Korea activists target foreign English teachers – latimes.com

Anti English Spectrum in the Donga Ilbo

Yie Eun-woong t-shirts hit the market.


Where is Yie Eun-woong?

Big Void to Fill

‘Angriest Blogger’ Leaving Korea

Brian on Haechi, and stuff. 🙂


Robert Park Misled by West’s Propaganda, Repents and Is Released: KCNA

North-South relations– not good. Is that news?

Maritime border dispute.

A fire near ex-President Kim’s grave – INSIDE JoongAng Daily

Getting news out of North Korea not for the weak of heart.

Sorry, Stafford. (Only thing to be sorry about is my smashed iPhone)

The war, 60 years on, from a soldier’s perspective.


PD Diary can’t quit while they are ahead.

Pocheon Cattle Sees Outbreak of Foot & Mouth Disease

Korea learns what the developed world has known about delayed childbirth for decades. The “news report” forgets to tie the title to the article, though.

So, if the government already wants to get you, drunkenness may not excuse sex crimes.

The government has noticed that it can be difficult to use online services without a Korean ID, so they are fixing that, for Gyopos.

Employers using ‘pressure interviews’ accused of abuse | Asian Correspondent

Immigration scammers, and not an E-2 visa holder in sight

Korean teachers can now get fired for breaking the law, too.

Or they hide behind big fuck-off steel doors

SNU students come from very few neighborhoods | Asian Correspondent

More SAT arrests. One mother quoted as saying she would send her kid to any school that got the questions in advance (ie illegally.)

Your teacher might quit? Kidnap him

Famous SAT Instructor in Seoul Kidnapped

New report blasts hagwon industry crimes | Asian Correspondent
Robots to replace Native English Speakersin second decade of the 21st century

Korea should think of following China to raise its profile among the young. IMHO. 🙂
Chosun Ilbo investigates Subway Beggars

Another “Misuda” panelist in trouble over comments, this time about “Dokdo.”


[Exclusive] Korea Is ‘Heaven’ for Illegal Private English Tutoring

I’m In Heaven (Apparently)

One year later, ATEK struggles for recognition


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