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PD Diary not guilty of playing fast and loose with the truth re: Mad Cow
Kang Ki-kap “not guilty” and Grand National Party is not happy
Translators to Sue Truth Commission
Hwaseong Universal Studios
New foreign-language school admissions rules making some hagwons obsolete
Korean students to be exposed to essay questions.
Protesting teachers cleared of charges
This winter has been bad for insurance business
Foot and mouth all over the place in Korea
Korea’s sex industry (or, ewww… another reason not to date an ajossi)

More on the Yongsan redevelopment

Evictees in the struggle of their lives


iPhone+KT= good business

SK Telecom meanwhile pins hopes on ROIKorea has fastest internet connections
Online Shopping Remains an Ordeal in Korea
Hardware versus Software

Things that make you go Waaaah?
Government to turn off lights at 7 so employees go home, fuck more, and make more Koreans.
Reporter has difficulty not laughing while reporting “Go home, make babies” news
The pink parking spaces were just the beginning
It’s the Hub of the Week– CG
This one’s for Joe– latest in the series on marketing Korean food to the world@PresidentLee on TwitterOooops No he’s not (Hankyoreh)Somewhere in Seoul Cool to go – The War memorial. So says Korea.netFoul-mouthed teacher encapsulates what’s wrong with education here
Maybe this is what Tablo’s brother meant about leaking test answers



‘Ajumma’ Adopt Stylish New Life
Is This the End of Outback Steakhouse In Korea?

Singer arrested for smoking marijuana while in hospital

Ex-Pat Community

Killer of ESL teacher in Japan has fan clubs on the internet

Time Wasters

Video of one of Green Day’s “craziest fans” kissing member on stage

Funny Korean videos

Guide to Asian Emoticons [VIDEO]

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