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Come for the shrimp burgers.  Stay to figure out how to recycle your trash.


Charles Montgomery (Morning Calm, Night Terrors)

Derek (Midnight Runner Podcast)

Daniel Gray (Seoul Eats)

Because of the arrival of yellow sand from China, they’re calling this a “yellow Christmas” (옐로 크리스마스). (BiJND)

Looks like the TOEFL and TOEIC will be removed from the university admission process. Good move, IMHO.(MH)

Japan pays Korean comfort women 99 yen each. (BiJND)

TV Production Scam on Craigslist
Seoul: ‘Crime code’ mystery continues (KB)

Do You Know Bibimbap? (MH)

iGot an iPhone (CB)

Fire Fire Temple on fire. (Yeusu temple burns down)

Kimchi Icecream’s reaction to the first day of SMOE workshop. (BiJND)
2009 SMOE Workshop Day 1 – Unrealistic expectations? (KIC)

Citing negative influence on future-oriented relations, ROK foreign minister summons Japan’s ambassador to South Korea to protest Tokyo’s new education guidelines regarding Japanese territorial disputes (Xinhua)  – Fuck Yeah! (Monster Island)

More Dokdo Nonsense Just In Time for Christmas (RoKD)


Google’s Korea Zeitgeist for 2009 (CB)

Korea is Best

Aliens in the Korea Times

Expelling foreign diplomats


Korean Christmas Cakes 2009 (ZK)

‘Tis the season for hats and cake. (BiJND)

Christmas in Gwanghwamun/Chunggyecheon, Missing Family, and Stupid Hats (ROB)

Audible drugs — The first hit is free

North Korean authorities detain “obese, jocular” deer herder crossing Tuman River (Yonhap)
Finnish embassy in Pyongyang demands to see prisoner (AFP)
Confiscated goods include DVDs, MP3 players, and extensive list of contacts (AP via WaPo)
KCNA releases Dear Leader’s favorite venison recipes (Xinhua) (Monster Island)

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