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Visit Korea Year 2010-2012.  Our year is bigger than yours.


Joe’s wedding

Wedding Daze: All in One

KOTESOL conference



The Wonder Girls really have made it onto Billboard’s Top 100

Korean immigrant criminal referred to as “Canadian”

November 2009 events

Dispatches from the front lines of the Drug Cartoon War

Well, at least the Korea Times has a sense of humour

How to Get Noticed in K-Blogland

KOTESOL Conference 2009 review

In the Herald today, writing about motels.

Joe’s Wedding

Teenage Drug Users Apprehended

‘Racist’ cartoon sparks debate

Hilton suing Korea’s Hilton motels.

Yonhap covers the “Visit Korea Year: 2010-2012” nonsense, cites this site and its commenters.

Seoul Fashion Week — we speak with Korea’s hottest designers | CNNGo

Michael Hurt

“Jeez, those are some pretty white looking Gyopos.”


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