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Karl Mamer – Conspiracy Skeptic Podcast formerly of Seoul Survivors

Michael Jackson’s estate sued by Korean company because his relatives backed out of a contract. In 1994.
Clinton negotiating with terrorists and Al Gore was responsible for their imprisonment.

Lisa Ling says Laura told her they went into N Korea willingly
Underground road network for Seoul
1.1 Million Foreigners in Korea
Foreign Wives Outnumber Husbands 7:1
Except in Daegu
How Bad Has it Gotten for Teachers at Home?
Don’t get run over at Gwanhwamun
Rewards on illegal hagwons, teachers exceed 100m won
SHould you see Korea before you die?


Underwear Thieves at SNU

Stars and Circles- Civic Group Plots Gangnam Brothels
Nekkid News
Foreign Pr0n Producers Sue 10,000 Koreans
Motor ticking type men’s sexual organ model masturbation tool
Korean Government Saving the Yoof from fun.

[The harmful things of the youth are]
The harmful things of the youth is the things which has worry to damage the youth’s mind and body seriously without restriction of the youth’s use such as sexual tools which promote licentious act to the youth and kinds of toy which promote lewdness/violence/brutality/speculation to the youth and the notified thing by the commission on youth protection’s decision according to the standard provided by a Presidential decree.

[The kinds of harmful things of the youth]
The commission on youth protection notification No. 1997-7 (Oct. 18th, 1997)

Sexual organ enlargement tools for men’s use
– Vacuum men’s sexual organ enlarging machines, etc.

Sexual organ training kinds of tool for men’s use
– Men’s sexual organ wearing ring product (BIO SUPER RING), etc.
– Men’s sexual organ wearing jade product (topaz), etc
– Vigor(health) briefs for men’s use (VIGOR / BIO BRIFF), etc.

Women’s sexual organ stimulating kinds of tool for men’s use
– Uneven special condom (GAT-101), etc.
– Injection condom (AMOR LONG LOVE), etc.
– Goblin condom (another name = LOVE), etc.
– Another name magic ring, etc.
– Women’s sexual organ stimulating band (Hercules), etc

Masturbation tools for men’s use
– Motor ticking type women’s body model masturbation tool , etc.
– Cup model one time use masturbation tool (Love ship), etc.
– Air and water pouring type vinyl pack masturbation tool (PINKY PAK), etc.

Masturbation kind of tool for women’s use
– Motor ticking type men’s sexual organ model masturbation tool (PILOT BOAT), etc.

The commission on youth protection notification No. 1999-23 (may.11th, 1999), enforcement (May. 18th, 1999)
– Laser pointer

Robot Cities by 2013


Should You see Korea Before You Die?


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