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Hwang Woo-suk Cloning Emporium

Simon and Martina Stawski (Eat Your Kimchi)


A Short History of Expat Video Blogs in Korea

“Miguk” (2000) – The first English teacher documentary in Korea

“Autumn in Korea” (2004) – ZenKimchi

Mongdori (2006)

Annalog (2007)

Eat Your Kimchi (2008)


Whither the Kang Nam, North Korea’s suspect cargo ship? | csmonitor.com

Three Arrested Under National Security Law

Korean War Anniversary Celebrated


Grandma Removed From Life Support Under Ruling


W50,000 Bills Shift Transaction Culture

“I actually felt the urge to purchase more and max out to 50,000 won.”



GNP Presses MBC Chief to Step Down

US Beef Being Driven Out of Department Stores

Police issue summons to political cartoonist in Wonju for insulting LMB.

Roh altar taken down in vigilante action

First-person: Roh Memorial torn down

Mentally ill woman faced persecution in Korea, gets refugee status in Canada.

More Nazi Imagery in Korea

Mixed-Koreans with “distinct skin colors” exempt from mandatory military service.

Japanese police arrest head of late actress Jang Ja-yeon’s management agency

I Was Wondering Why They Didn’t Work…

x-ray glasses… I thought only naive kids bought those

Heat wave warning for Jeollanam-do.

So let’s play at the sewage water treatment plant!

Sewage plant playground of water

Korean Government to Promote Bicycle Usage

Chairman of the Presidential Committee on National Competitiveness wants to tinker with romanization.

NHRC: Many Textbooks Are Discriminatory

Report: Korean Kindergarten Teachers Underpaid, Overworked

We coulda told you that

Students to Receive Psychiatric Evaluation

Two caught helping others cheat on TOEIC via wireless devices

Pharmacology Students Caught Cheating at SNU


>From Matt Robinson:
I am offically leaving to go back to the USA tomorrow morning. I will be going to the Cleveland Clinic on Monday the 29th, and hopefully this will lead me back to full health once again. Since March 1st, when I had my first surgery, so many people have helped me through these tough times.
I am in good spirits and have plenty of hope because of this.
So many people have helped that I don't even know so for those of you who have remained anonymous...thank you.
There are many also that need to be acknowledged: Paul Hussey  (Global Village Center), Kim Mi-Ju (Joong Ang Daily), The students at Suwon Foreign Language High School, Alexandria, Phillies, HBC, VFW, Seoul Players, Bundang Social Club, Aussie Bar, Berlin, Indigo/Orange Tree, Stompers, Eden, Big Rock, Dr. John Linton & Severance Hospital...if I have forgetten anyone I apologize.
I also have to pay my respects to all my friends, old and new, that visited in the hospital and brought me food and entertainment. Those who spent time organizing the different events and fundraising efforts.
Leaving Korea like this is very difficult, but I realize that it is the only necessary option for me right now. Once again you have all helped so much and I can never truly express my gratitude, or maybe I am now...I don't know. I hope that you all continue to enjoy your time in Korea and I hope in time maybe I'll see many of you here again at some point because I am not getting to leave on my own terms. I will miss you all, but I will update this sight on my recovery process.

Wagner rips Anti-English Spectrum a New One

Abandon discriminatory HIV policy

Wagner’s piece

Anti-English Spectrum’s attempts to link English teachers to AIDS

Just how much influence does Anti-English Spectrum have?

The Illogic and Bad Methodology of Lee Eun-ung and the “Anti-English Spectrum” People


Teachers Running Rampant

Jason Lim’s piece

Yet Another Foreign Male Predator Story

Silly, silly stuff

Reporter: Foreign Men Are Targeting Our Women

An Open Letter to Flower Boys

KMK: “You have royally screwed up my Gaydar”

Korea to Toughen Rules on International Marriages

Gov’t wants tighter rules on getting citizenship – INSIDE JoongAng Daily

Soldiers Rescue Girl at Haeundae Beach In Busan



Paul Ajosshi: When is a Steak not a Steak?

WTF??? Country fried steak is BEEF, not pork. Avoid Isabella’s.


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