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The Korea Historic Preservation Committee

Matt (Gusts of Popular Feeling)


SB: “Annyong, P’imat-gol” – iContact Community

Portrayals of westerners in the Korean media


Hostages Killed in Yemen

Yemenis Protest Killings of Foreigners Including Korean

North Korea Highlights

“Kim Jong-nam Survived Assassination Attempt”

Urban legend in the making?

Picture of the Day: Is this Kim Jong-un?

Is It Safe to be in Korea Now?

KCNA: Journalists Filmed Themselves in North Korea

Ask a Korean! News: Joo Seong-Ha on Laura Ling and Euna Lee

South Korea Would Win War with North

US Navy Ready to Intercept the Kang Nam – “A Repeat Offender”

Child Murderer Took Victim From Hospital

Incheon Drug Crackdown Nets 69 (no English teachers.  Really.)

Oh No, Not in Gyeongsangbuk-do, Too! (but there are English teachers in this one)

Australian under-21 lacrosse team quarantined in Suwon for swine flu.

Detained Australian u-21 lacrosse team wants to escape from Korean quarantine.

“Swine flu” confirmed cases hit 84 in South Korea; up 19 from two days earlier


“Unprecedented” indictment for hammer-wielding politicians.


Team led by Hwang Woo-suk clones 9/11 hero dog.



Is Korea Well Served by Its Press?

New Michael Breen column

Seoul Still Aiming for Bathroom Equality

Airbase pays 48 billion won in damages for noise

Next–Sagwa Trucks

Long iPhone Wait Finally Over in July, September | Korea IT Times

KT to Exclusively Supply iPhone from July

Planet Size Brain :: Apple Bores a Big ‘iHole’ in Korea’s Walled Garden

Anti-Smoking Group in Seoul Obviously Not Smoking Tobacco

Disabled Performers Spread Hope

And cool t-shirts

Shaq MMA – Shaquille O’Neal Wants To Fight Hong-Man Choi

New ‘Yonsama lunchbox’ goes on sale in Japan


QOOK TV adds aptitude test

Movie “Whispering Corridors 5: A Blood Pledge” receives 18+ rating because of suicide pact scene

2 Wonder Girls quit secondary school Nobody: MP3 Downloads: Wonder Girls

Sample the English version of “Nobody”

SNSD to Make Comeback With New Album (comeback since January 2009)

Not enough applicants for those “English lecturer” jobs.

A Trip to the Paju English Village

Not pretty


Letter to the National Human Rights Commission of Korea | Human Rights Watch

Back the FUCK UP. What did you say about my family?

More NSETs staying in Korea because of bad economy at home.


Quitting Seoul Metro « Stray Blog

A letter to SMOE

[On Women’s Safety In Korea]


Kevin Kim might appreciate a visit . . .



New Cave Discovered On Jeju Island


A Helicopter View of Seoul and Yongsan Garrison


The World According to — <i>Gulp</i>!

Gochu-shaped gochu

Random Cool Video

House of Hair

A Viewer’s Guide To The Room | | A.V. Club

Oh, Hi bad movie.

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