The Poetry of Choi Yong-hearn

The Meiji Restoration by Satusma and Chosu samurai modernized
Your country, then colonized Korea and staged the Pacific War.
Then, two atomic bombs forced your Emperor to surrender and
Brought Liberation to Korea.
But your invitation of Russia at the ending of the Pacific War
Made Korea divided, even now.
You don’t seem guilty of your 40 years’ colonial rule
In the most critical time of the 20th century.

Be ashamed!

Try to restore East Sea on the water between Japan and Korea,
And Dokdo from Liancourt Rocks or Takeshima in all maps
And persuade the world with history:
Tell them the Sea of Japan should be shared with the East Sea in their maps, and
Tell them Dokdo was the legitimate single name.

Interview with Tony Hellmann, Communications Director for the Association for Teachers of Englsih in Korea (ATEK)

ATEK officially launched last week, and questions still brew amongst the expat community.   Joe asks Mr. Hellmann some of the tougher questions the media aren’t asking.



Four Koreans Killed in Yemen

Twelve people have been arrested in connection with the terrorist attack in Yemen

Has this even been on the radar of average Korean conversation-or in competition with whatever Korea vs. Japan sport is going on?

NK Partially Reopens Border to S. Koreans

The Gaesong industrial complex, the brainchild of the first inter-Korean summit in 2000, is the last remaining reconciliatory project since damaged relations led to the suspension of South Korean tours to North Korea’s scenic and historic spots last year.

Police Investigating Allegations of Abuse of Jang Ja-yeon

Jang Ja-yeon’s Suicide blamed on Abusive Producers and Entertainment Execs


AIDS-Infected, Panty-Thieving Taxi Driver Had Sex With Countless Women: Police

School Uniforms Getting Shorter in Seoul

Teen Violence Video Shocks Netizens

Mom School warns about overreliance on hagwon – INSIDE JoongAng Daily

Japanese politician wants to buy Jeju.

Is Korea Over-Lawyered?

Hankyoreh: Bad Economy Making Retro Food More Popular

How Not to Get Drunk In Public

Problems at Gwangju mayor’s office, English-language radio station.

smoothies and menstration go together

Smoothie King giving out free maxi pads



E-2 Visa Holders Can Teach at Firms Legally

Illegal Immigrants Sue Government For… Arresting Them?




35% of Resident Foreigners Had Unpleasant Travel Experience in Korea


YouTube – Wondergirls tribute take 2 greg james sessions soju at the ready



Cullen Thomas’ Hashish Journey on NatGeo

New Development In Territorial Dispute For Dokdo And You Thought YOUR Hair was Untamed!

Dave The Rapping Flight Attendant [VIDEO]

America [PIC]

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