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Minerva Investment Group. We’re always right, so we’re in jail.  Shouldn’t it be the other way around?

Tony Hellman (Association for Teachers of English in Korea), Stafford Lumsden (The Chosun Bimbo)


Can foreign English teachers seriously organize and  counter the hagwon associations to balance the market?

Introduction to the Severance Payment Under Korean Labor Law


As Economy Worsens, Gambling Soars in Korea

The Chosun Does It Again

Gruesome death porn

Suspect Arrested in Murder of Gunpo College Student

Will the Real Minerva Please Stand Up?

Prosecutors say Mr. Park used his home computer. But experts say that since he was not a person engaged in internet commerce and paying considerable sums for a static IP address he would have been using a dynamic IP. That is one reason for doubt that Mr. Park is the true Minerva and that his IP address could have been manipulated.

South Korea Loan-Deposit Ratio not 100 Percent

New 50,000-Won Notes

50,000-Won Banknote to Be Issued in May



A time for family.

Interesting take on how Korean families try to find ways to avoid reunions

Under Valued? Fairly Valued?

What’s the biggest problem in Korea?  The branding, of course!

We’re way past regular bole and into hyperbole.

Disabled Koreans Using Internet to Find Sexual Comfort, Creepy Guys

Adult Friend Finder blocked in South Korea

Dropout Teens Imprison Friend, Force Her to Do Tricks

Biracial Children Accepted, Shunned by Classmates

Ask a Korean! News: Racism Starts Early

Korean top celebrity’s cell phone gets hacked

G.O.D.’s Friend Managed by the Devil

War Breaks Out Amongst Korean Pop Fans, Casualties Not Out of the Question

K-pop anti-fans and other hyphenated-words

‘Restricted Screening’ Ruled Unconstitutional, Korean Films to Get Racier

Lee Mi-yeong Secretly Married, Divorced American Professor

Donation angel Moon Geun-young strikes again

Hangeul books for Korean children? Another communist plot?

Korean Blogger’s Take on Korean TV Dramas

[Double Take] Goo Hye-sun is a hamburger

Notes for Korean TV Production: (Gord Sellar)

  • Brown-skinned people are either poor children with hearts of gold or scary witch-doctor/fortune-teller types, which is natural since brown-skinned people are all poor and have inborn magical abilities.
  • No other brown-skinned local people besides poor children and scary witch-doctor/fortune-teller types should be included in shots. If they absolutely must do so, have them appear for no more than one second at a time, and in the background.
  • Have your Korean characters talk to the few local brown-skinned people who appear onscreen in English only when they apparently cannot speak English; have the same characters speak primarily in long, fast Korean phrases when they meet a brown-skinned local who can speak English. Don’t worry, since brown-skinned people are magical they can (somehow) understand much of what is being said in Korean.
  • Make sure to include some white chicks, and dress them in bikinis whenever possible, even if everyone else is fully dressed in long pants/skirts and long-sleeved flowery shirts.
  • Include some Korean boys, and dress them in outfits that look like a cross between Korean girls’ clothing, disco and early 80s singers’ outfits, and the clothing of Joey Jeremiah circa 1990 (pic here, but your eyes will bleed). Make sure they look bored on holiday in [unspecified warm country full of brown-skinned people], just as Joey did in school.
  • Include some Korean girls, and dress the most sympathetic character as a cross between Strawberry Shortcake and your average agashi (ie. single girl). (Contrary to popular expat belief, there are some differences between the two. Strawberry Shortcake never wore high heels, for example.)
  • Include plenty of stock footage of random islands and stuff because tourism is what the young people like these days.

Poisonous Fish Testicles Send 7 Japanese Diners to Hospital

Japanese Diner’s Catastrophe Leads to Important Scientific Discovery About Squid Reproduction

NOTE: Don’t let an octopus come in your mouth.  Not until he buys you dinner first.

The Seoul Pub ‘tip jar’. Can anyone clear up this rumour?


Interview with Korea Beat’s Nathan Schwartzman

Our First Photo Book!

Feetman Seoul is coming out with a book

Get Ready for The Seoul Fashion Report!

The Promoting Begins…

Mark Russell starts promoting his book, “Pop Goes Korea”

Doucheburns Goes Downtown

The lightning rod returns!

Classic sock commenter that was the subject of a story in a recently published book has resurfaced



Superbowl Party!

3 Alley Pub

Seoul Artist Network Open Stage-Sunday Feb. 1 st @ Woodstock

Korean Holidays, or a lack thereof.

Gostiny Dvor: Russian Food in Seoul.

Bad Signs: Black Uncle Cheesecake

Coffee War Begins in Korea

McCafe trying to convince Koreans that “cheap can be good.”

In Videos: Personal Ramen Noodle Cup Vending Machine


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