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Starcraft.  The national sport of Korea.

Luke Martin (ROKetship)


Making the most of being an artist in Korea


South Korea cuts rates record amount to tackle crisis – Yahoo! News

The ratio of debt to disposable income has risen sharply, especially debt to non-bank lenders, which charge higher rates than banks.

US Beef Accounts for Nearly Half of Beef Imports

Gov’t Urges Swift US Inspection of Korean Food Exports

Labor violations at Kiryung Electronics Factory.

Court to Rule on Constitutionality of Adultery

It’s Official: Melamine Has Ruined Everything

Chocolate-flavoured Body Spreads Contain Melamine:

The Food Standards Agency has issued a food alert about novelty food products from China, including chocolate-flavoured ‘willy spread’, containing melamine.


VANK to lose government support.

Singaporean Textbook Shows Korean Homeless Guy, World Stops Revolving

Korean Textbooks “Also Wrong on Dokdo”

Korean Schools: “Stay Right There! Don’t Move!”

Korea Beat’s comments at the bottom are good

Residency restrictions for international schools.

Nobel Obsession (II) (Seoul Searcher)

Most-Read Naver Stories of the Week — October 26, 2008

3. A group of particularly mindless netizens are criticizing Korean entertainers who – gasp! – spent a lot of money visiting China during the Olympics, and even took pictures of their trip and posted them on their Cyworld pages. Horrifying, I know.

Porn… It’s Bad for You

Ye Olde Chosun warns of the horrors of porn addiction:

Pornography addiction was once seen as a problem for adolescents, and it was only cyber nannies aimed at the young that screened out “adult” content. The sites also usually require customers to prove their age. But is porn just a danger to children? Experts say no.

One of the worst aspects of porn addiction is that it can discourage the normal sexual relationship between couples. Prof. Kim Sung of Korea Bible University, a counselor at the Center for Internet Addiction Prevention and Counseling, said, “The porn addiction cycle gets shorter and shorter as addicts look for ever stronger thrills. Inevitably they become numb in normal relationships.”

There are physical problems associated with porn addiction, too:

Porn addiction can also damage your health. For many it is difficult to watch porn in the daytime when other family members are around, so people usually watch it in a dark room late at night, and as a result suffer from lack of sleep, fatigue and deteriorating eyesight.

Which is why your Uncle Marmot says you should always watch your porn in a well-lit room.

If addiction becomes serious and leads to paraphilias like voyeurism and exhibitionism, it can result in legal punishment or require psychiatric treatment. It also makes it difficult for the addict to live a normal social life at school or work. The images linger in the mind and often distract addicts from concentrating on work. They sometimes leave the office to go to adult-only cyber cafés, and some serious addicts turn to sexual violence in trying to imitate what they have seen.

Oh my!

Luckily, there is a cure — straight out of “A Clockwork Orange”:

Like many other addictions, porn addiction is not easy to cure. The most widely accepted treatment is telephone counseling, often accompanied by cognitive behavioral therapy. For example, doctors create an unpleasant atmosphere around the experience, such as making the patients smell garbage or giving them mild electric shocks while watching porn. This is intended to program their brains to remember watching porn as a negative experience. Diverting the patients’ attention to other things such as sports and music also helps.

More about Jeju’s foreigner ghetto.

Vietnam War Memorial Village opens in Hwacheon.

Meetings Open On Designating DMZ A World Heritage Area

Seoul Police Failing to Uncover Child Sexual Abuse


::A Geek in Korea:: » Blog Archive » Nightmare Wedding.

My Halloween Costume: Korean Parking Security Guard!

What are some good Halloween costumes?

The 35 Most Insane Halloween Costumes from Around the World | Cracked.com

So I went on a Korean Game show


Banpo Bridge Dancing Fountains (Ask a Korean)

YouTube – Nirvana’s Lithium covered by Korean Punk Band No-Brain

Oooh, I’m gonna get some.

Looks like some massage parlor in the US used the lovely Ha Ji-won in its advertisements.


What to get me for Christmas

MillerCoors Discontinues Zima


Packaging Fail

2008 서울의레스토랑 Guide Out

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