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The Korea 2008 Halloween Carnival

Come to the 2008 Korea Halloween Carnival!Fun for the whole family!With new rides, attraction and food, we promise the scariest Halloween carnival ever!

Ride the Korean won freefall and drop almost as fast as the currency!

Have a celebrity makeover (trendy suicide not included)

Eat at the American Mad Cow Burger Barn

Enter the raffle to receive a year’s supply of Chinese made milk products

Or dare your friends to enter the Haunted Hanok.Can you stand the horror of..

The enclosed room with a fan

The Korean mother-in-law

The standardized college entrance exam

Screams, thrills, spills and chills, complete with stumbling drunk ajosshis!Come join the fun!

Roger Fusselman, Stand Up Comedians Korea (SUCK)


What’s so funny?


Korean Won Biggest Loser to the US Dollar

Fire, Stabbings Kill Four in Nonhyeon-dong

Great Moments in Korean Journalism

Anyang Child Killer Given Death Sentence

English Teacher Gets 10 Months in the Slammer (HA!Not a foreign English teacher.)

OK, You Don’t Read Crimes Like This Everyday

Police in Cheonju have asked for an arrest warrant for a 50-year-old man they believe tried to rape his mother-in-law while in drag.

Speaking of Korean Passports…

The Bushmeister will announce today — if he hasn’t already — that Korea would enter the US Visa Waiver Program, allowing Koreans to stay in the United States for up to 90 days without a visa.

Man Fined ,000 for Urinating Over ATM

“We would have ignored the case if he had not broken the machine. But we had no choice but to report it to police so as to get the eight million won needed to repair the ATM,” said a bank official.

Police Beat Down Disabled Man

The “negotiations” fell through, so it’s being investigated.

Crackdown on Korean Designers Ripping Off Foreign Designers

Hey! We are more a like than you think!

It seems that as many as 100 of rice “farmers” who needed protection from the evil Americans were simply Korean bureaucrats lining their pockets.  Remember this the next time they want to trot out poor weather-beaten “aboji” and his straw hat and how the evil American cows want to kill him off.

Itaewon Considered Loudest Place in Korea

“Nothing Suspicious” On Itaewon’s Hooker Hill

Korea’s Integrity Level Still Lags


Great… Nobel Nationalism

The state-run Seoul National University (SNU) said it will launch a project to nurture a Nobel laureate from the school.

More Nobel nationalism.

In other news, a Korean jazz artist has planned to release a CD internationally next year, prompting the Chosun Ilbo do write the only natural thing: is this the beginning of a Korean Jazz Wave? See, stuff like this is why people here enjoy seeing Koreans fail.

Korean Slogans Comical to Foreigners

Unfortunately, egotistical government officials, when often making off-the-cuff decisions, seem only in retrospect, if ever, to understand the damage they are doing to Korea.

The good news is this kind of problem is not part of the “Korean DNA.” Private industry has shown itself to more likely to pay sincere attention to outside professionals’ advice.

It is no wonder. Private companies properly understand how hard it is to earn money and generally invest more wisely than many government officials. That is why brand names like Samsung and Hyundai are now globally respected. In contrast, consider the frequent giggles generated by ads touting “Korea Sparkling” and “Hi Seoul.” (Tom Coyner)

Bae Yong-jun in New Ambassador Role

Branding Korea: the REAL Recommendations

David Kilburn, a journalist with 20 years of experience in advertising, wrote one of the articles which have been appearing in the Korea Times, discussing the problems with Korea’s national brand.

The Power of Branding « Hermit Hideaways

Read David Kilburn’s comment on what they cut from his article—most all of his suggestions on how to improve Korea’s branding.

Oh Jesus Tapdancing Christ, are you serious?

Notice something about this picture?(Hint: Look at the faces.)

Who the fuck is doing the cartoons over there?

Yeah, okay, the guy was extreme, but on what planet is this Korea Times cartoon titled “Austria’s Far-Right Leader Joerg Haider Died at Car Crash” appropriate?

As the title indicates the Austrian politician died in a car crash, on October 11th. More on him from Wikipedia.

Who is more full of it?

English Zone Allowed in Apartments

Partly because the English villages are hemorrhaging money

Disney to start opening up hagwons in Korea?

Somebody Owes Me “Dinner”

In a “shocking” move, and I mean we are all “SHOCKED”, KTF will not roll out the iPhone handset in Korea anytime soon. And in a similar ”shocking” development one issue is Apple’s failed adherence to the WIPI industry standard (not a trade barrier we are assured). Even more “suprising” is the effort so dependant on one guy that nobody is there to take up the slack when he is “unexpectely” under an invesigation for bribery (again just “shocking”).


Foreign professor at SNU does a runner?

English Teacher Sites Demean Korean Women: Chosun Ilbo

Got an immigration question? Here’s the meeting for you.


Lisa Kelley (Notice anything different?)

Exhibit A

Exhibit DD

JOE’S NOTE (2017-04-02): I have since met and have become good friends with Lisa. She has NOT had any enhancements. I’m just a stinky old pervert.

A E I Love U



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