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Protesters marched on the Japanese embassy

“Aggression and Madness” (GoPF)

Matt notes how the beef protests have smoothly witched to Dokdo protests

Bungle hits tainted-beef probe – New Zealand rural news on Stuff.co.nz


Expected, but amusing (Marmot)

I do not think it’s been mentioned here, but one of the chairmen of the Seoul City Council was arrested for bribery recently. I do not think that many would blame me for passing my glazed eyes over the scandal. However the story did give cause for coffee to erupt out of my nose this morning. First is former-chairman Kim Gui-Hwan’s Clintonian defense:

“I just gave them gifts in accordance with habitual practice,” Kim said. “I did not break election laws.”

I do not know what disturbs me more about that. You have the take, “Did I bribe? Depends on what your definition of a ‘bribe’ is.” What does it say about Korea’s fight against corruption when a senior politician cannot define a bribe. More disturbingly, what if Mr. Kim is right and dolling out over 30 million won in cash legal?

Moving on there is Kim Min-seok sniping away as any good opposition member:

Senior DP member Kim Min-seok said, “The council members were out of their mind to have a bribery party amid the current economic difficulty.”

Are you a Korean web user? You might have 100+ Active X’s installed (Web 2.0 Asia)

Remember — Just Because You’re a Guy Who Likes To Have Sex With Teenage Boys Doesn’t Make You Gay (Marmot)

Park Eun-jung, a general director at the ministries Central Inspection Bureau, notes that while girls are more likely to have sex for money, the boys are doing it out of curiosity. She also took pains to explain that just because you like to have sex with young boys doesn’t make you gay:

She added that the cases do not necessarily mean that the persons involved were homosexual. “Many offenders were married and had families. The only difference we could trace was that they were relatively old but had a sexual appetite they could not control,” she said.

Government: Homosexuality Causing Prostitution (KB)

It’s All About Me (idiots’ collective)


The Good, the Bad, and the Weird – English subtitles at Yongsan CGV

CJ Entertainment announces that the company will release its upcoming film THE GOOD, THE BAD, THE WEIRD with English subtitles at Yongsan CGV at the same time as the film’s domestic release on July 17.

Oh. No. They. Di’n’t. (Dramabeans)

Now a K-pop supergroup where the oldest–OLDEST–member is 13 (or 14, darn Korean age scheme)! Sweety!

Also, Amanda wrote that one of the kids is one of her former students


Non-western foreigners busted for teaching English (GJ)
Chul-soo from LA? No. Ahmed from Libya? OK!

Damn, This is Ugly (Marmot)

Parents of a 4-year-old are accusing a British kindergarten teacher of sexual molestation, the British International Kindergarten may sue the parents for libel, the Gangnam District Office of Education will sanction the school, and the Korea Times is there to cover it all.

Ex-Pat Living (The Korea Herald)
SEOUL Magazine

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