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Episode 151

May 19, 2020

Guest: Young Kim

“The Oriental Experience”

Aax Radio 106.3 HD2 Santa Ana

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Young Kim


Joe McPherson

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The conversation with Young Kim gets deep and personal. We say stuff that may bite us in the butt.

  • How much did Young Kim make during his whole singing career?
  • Why is now a good time for entertainers?
  • Why Korean Millennials are South Korea’s great hope to preserve the past.
  • Old guys complaining about young ‘uns on YouTube
  • How no one can make a career in Korean broadcasting
  • The rise and fall of foreign celebrities in Korean media
  • The cultural differences between Arirang, EBS, and TBS eFM
  • Dealing with trolls in broadcasting 
  • When away from Rome, don’t do what the Romans do
  • How COVID-19 is making us grow
  • Run-ins with celebrities in the Korean entertainment industry–and Hulk Hogan

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