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Convenience store chain GS25 has been in hot water for camping ads that feature what some claim are militant feminist symbols and coded messages. Is this just privileged men attacking the #metoo movement, or is something else going on here?

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GS25 hit for sexist promotional poster 

Controversy started by right-wing men’s group Namcho

Gender-based conflict on the rise

Retailers accused of being ‘man-haters’ over gesture

GS25 포스터 사태 뒤엔 ‘이대남’ ‘이대녀’ 갈등[어떻게 생각하십니까]

Last few paragraphs about politicians using gender conflict to gain popularity  IT’S ROB! I CAN JOIN!

Another poster controversy


And finding more by the police?

GS25 store owner posts a sign saying “I hate femi too”

Oh, it’s getting more ridiculous

Police are investigating a comedian making a penis with her finger on a doll

A more sober article about this

  • This is backlash towards #metoo – “antifemy”
  • “It is not new for men to attack feminism online.” It’s a method of shaping public opinion by making people see “hidden” Megal symbols. [NOTE: Very QAnon tactic, IMO]
  • “Irresponsible politics” behind the backlash
  • Young men are mostly behind this, and the media has been amplifying their voices. Institutions have been accommodating them.
    • Revitalizing military bonus system
    • Recognizing military careers when hiring
    • Claims that progressive defeat this past election has been because of pro-women policies
  • Politicians riding this wave
    • Lee Jun-Seok (former Supreme Court commissioner) wants to abolish the Ministry of Gender Equality and Family
  • Point: Men in their 20s are weaker than men in any other age demographic and maybe weaker than any other 20-somethings in other generations (in modern history). They’re dealing with their frustrations and powerlessness by punching down.
  • Companies have been swift to respond to accusations of “male hate” in these images. Have they been this responsive towards other discrimination-related controversies?
  • Does the strong backlash in the media towards feminist symbology indicate just how hostile an environment it still is for women?
    • Is being a feminist taboo?
    • Is Megal/Megalia Korea’s QAnon in the public eye?
  • Observation that I think Roboseyo made a long time ago–There is a set of standard hand poses used in ads