Amanda (Amanda Takes Off…)

Amanda Takes Off…

AI Reaches Seoul

We now have an outbreak of avian influenza at a bird farm in Gwangjin-gu, Seoul. Authorities have confirmed it to be the H5NI strain that can be fatal to humans. The lesson of this story? Chicken and beef can kill. Eat dog — it’s good for you. And s

FAN DEATH! It’s What’s for Dinner…

MBC and its “in-depth” reporting scares the Korean public even further about mad cow, claiming that 94-percent of Koreans have a “special” gene that makes them more susceptible to mad cow disease.

Cattle Farmer Commits Suicide After Attempting to Beat His Family to Death

Korean media tries to connect it to beef imports

From Western Confucian:

The 41-year-old farmer, who is only identified by his surname Lee and lives in the town of Wolbong-ri, Nasan-myeon, Hampyeong County, was found dead in his home after drinking herbicide at approximately 4:40 a.m. on May 5. Immediately before his suicide, Lee allegedly attempted to kill his 36-year-old wife, who is from the Philippines, and his three children by beating them with a farm-machine implement. The four members of his family were sleeping at the time.

But then I read this: “Local residents said that, Lee, who started raising cattle some 10 years ago, had been aggrieved over the loss of all 18 of his cattle since August last year, when the spread of brucellosis forced him to slaughter 14 of the 18 and sell the remaining four.” The article later states that “[a]fter South Korea agreed to fully resume imports of U.S. beef, the prices of Hanwoo fell by 300,000 won (US$298) in a week to 400,000 won per animal.”

Korea To Tighten Visa Regs for Chinese Students (Marmot)
The Foreign Ministry says it will tighten entry visa regulations for Chinese students entering Korea:

“We are going to talk with the related authorities over steps to toughen the issuance of entry visas for Chinese students and other Chinese people,” said Moon Tae-young, a spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

The tough stance comes as public anger shows little signs of subsiding over violence committed by Chinese demonstrators on South Korean activists protesting Beijing’s crackdown on Tibetan separatists, and its treatment of North Korean refugees.

Investigations into Group Sexual Assault Case at Daegu Elementary School (Marmot)

Seoulites, Meet Your New City Symbol

Syphillitic Haechi on Wheels

Boys Will Be Boys… Even When They’re Provincial Officials Overseas
The incident where Gyeonggi-do officials molested a nude female statue at Nike headquarters in Portland, Oregon.

Don’t fear the sculptures

Maybe this is where the Gyeonggi-do officials at the Nike headquarters thought they were

Foreign Investment in Korea Continues to Plummet (Korea Law Blog)

From Michael Hurt: The first thing that Korean slogan and campaign planners need to figure out is that Korean automatically being the hub of anything was only a truism before there was international plane travel. Because now, people can fly OVER Korea wit

Survey: Korean Women Have Low Sex Drives

4 in 10 women aged 20 to 39 in our country have been found by a survey to be suffering from low sex drive. According to the internet survey of 504 women aged 18 to 52 conducted by a research team led by urologist Son Hwan-cheol and obstetrician J

Maybe this would help…

Constitutional Court to Review Criminal Adultery (Marmot)
We can thank Ok So-ri for something other than providing tons of quality blog material — the naughty actress’s petition to the Constitutional Court challenging the constitutionality of Korea’s criminal adultery law will be heard Thursday.

From Skinny Steve:

By the way, two big events this

weekend are the Seoul Wine and Spirits Expo and the Seoul Friendship

Fair. I’ll hit the wine expo on Friday and Friendship Fair on

Saturday. Both were great events last year. In fact, I’d call them the

“must see” events for… well… uh… fans of good alcohol, so you

have a couple of excuses to come up to Seoul for the day if you feel

like it~^^

Who Feels Like Gettin’ Used for PR?

2nd BBB International Friends Day at Cheonggye Stream. Dress code: Red (Asia), Blue (Europe), Yellow (North America), Green (South America), White (Oceana), Black (Africa)

Rain dance-off with Stephen Colbert – rain, bi –

rubbish mate

More strange garbage in the plastic bags at Elyse Sewell’s shared home

Risqué Japanese Boob Pudding (Serious Eats)


Ex-Pat Living (The Korea Herald)
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