Jamilya’s new book

How to Crassly Become Successful by Making Korean Men Drool of Foreign Women While Angering Them Over Foreign Men Dating Korean Women

Rosa Pae (Seoul Survivors)

What Korean should I know that is actually useful?

Comment from a listener:

Great podcast! I’m listening from Minnesota, waiting to hear if I will be in Korea teaching this year and have been listening to Karl’s backlog of podcasts for some perspective. I was wondering if you plan to cover any survival Korean or share some of your experiences as Westerners using Korean. Thanks for all your hard work! Looking forward to the future podcasts!


An Introduction to Korean by J. David Eisenberg (where Joe learned the Korean alphabet in two hours)

Lonely Planet Korean Phrasebook

Survival Korean by Steven Revere

Sogang Language Program web site

Declan Korean learning software

Teen Korean

Kimchi Girls


Chinese mob attacks an American volunteer outside Carrefour
He’s not French, but he looks close enough.

Ebay Korea gets hacked – the worst hacking ever
60% (10 million) of users’ information stolen, including credit card numbers

School Attack (The Bad Kind)

The government will force the families of bullies to pay the medical bills of their victims starting in September.Will this lead to other changes in Korean law where victims are given partial responsibility when people start fights with them?


More on Rural English Teacher Program
Hire 500 ethnic Koreans and students studying overseas (but not currently in Korea).Must have completed two years of university education.Stay six months to a year.Includes round-trip airfare, 1.5 million won a month, monthly accommodation of 400,000 won a month.Excludes South Africans.

Has He Lost His Mind? Iron Man Invades Korea
Only Iron Man promotion event in Asia, so Asian press converged on Seoul.Opened with the usual Korean over-the-top yet irrelevant sensory blasts (read: noise), including b-boy dancers, for fifteen minutes, leaving only 20 minutes for Q&A.Questions included, “What do you think of Korea” and “What do you think of Korean movies?”

Djamilya, Sexy-mong Girls Bust Evil Foreign English Teachers
Too surreal.From Segye Ilbo:

The first episode of “Sexy Mong Returns,” a four-part series to run every Wednesday and Thursday starting from April 23, is already drawing attention as its deals with an episode involving sexual assault by foreign English teachers, something that has been a social issue for some time.

Hallyuwood sounds silly but looks like it will kick ass

From The Korea Herald:
A concept view of Hallyuwood to be built in Ilsan by 2010
“Hallyuwood will be an industrial complex to create new cultural contents and a fun-filled theme park based on the country’s entertainment contents at the same time”, Gyeonggi Province Governor Sohn Hak-kyu said in a news conference on the project last month. “The star-oriented cultural phenomenon is likely to wither soon, when it fails to get supports from related sociocultural infrastructures”, said Sohn, explaining why the new theme park is needed. To this end, the province has allocated the 370 billion won to build traffic infrastructures, R&D, and production and distribution facilities for cultural products, the construction of which has already begun earlier this year.

  • Designed by Landmark Entertainment Group, who has done work for Universal, Paramount parks, Warner Bros. Movie World, Caesar’s Palace.Attractions include Terminator 2: 3-D, Star Trek Experience, Spiderman (Universal Orlando and Japan), 007 (Paramount)
  • Monorail linked to subway stations
  • Lots of add-ons surrounding the park, including a China town (heh, heh)
  • Themed areas
    • Welcome Village
      • UEC (Urban Entertainment Center)
    • Cinema Village
      • Working studio
      • Movie theater and museum
    • Festival Village
      • Walk of Fame-like theme
      • Outdoor theater
      • Wax museum
    • Drama Village
      • Sets for producing historical dramas
    • Oriental Village
      • Gardens of Asia
      • PR Hall to teach people about popular culture
      • Guest houses
    • Entertainment Village
      • Lots of high tech facilities
    • Star Village


What the…? (from A Geek in Korea)

“TOO DRUNK TO F@#$” (from Brian in Jeollanam-do)

Analesson!!! (from Seoul Eats)

The FAIL Blog

Job Application FAIL

Brand names that don’t export well. | Adland

Masturbation can help prevent prostate cancer (from The Marmot’s Hole)
The protective effect was greatest while the men were in their 20s. Men who ejaculated more than five times a week were a third less likely to develop prostate cancer later in life.

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“Skinny” Steve Ward (SeoulSteves.com)

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