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New job
cable tv
forget how to say things
fast food i don't eat anymore
Dano in Toronto or $5 for bibimbap

back home start up money
gym membreship
Rents in Toronto
pipes go bendy way
Is korea like camping?
and yet i don't miss korea
no dumpster diving
swimming (from your past interview, i have experience with the korean
public pool situation)
"the work that must not be name"
circle jerk, indeed
And more photos...



Did the physical and fingerprint for my E-2.Funny question on the medical form.

Too many podcasting Jennifers in Seoul

Massage chairs are perverse and a little cheeky

Expat Still Living (Gypsy Scholar)

I’ve attracted the ire of Korean netizen bullies. (B in J)

Mandatory hazmat suits and neutering to be required of foreign teachers?

Piece from Adam Walsh in the Korea Times

I managed to discover that it is only E-2 and E-6 visas that require the test. When I asked why this was the case, he informed me that it was to protect the children. He then said that I could leave the country if I wanted or phone my embassy.

After Mr. Choi hung up on me, I thought some more about the fairness of the rule. The E-6 visa is for entertainers, not teachers. I don’t understand the similarities that would group both the E-2 and E-6 visas together. (Galbijim edit: Because the Russian whores who work at room salons and sleep with Korean men, are sponsored on E-6 visas.)

Ask Joshing Gnome for Friday, June 13, 2008

Gord Sellar of the excellent gordsellar.com asks:

A question, Joe: what do you think it is in Korean culture that makes people say things that are manifestly being demonstrated not to be true? (Like saying your brother-in-law can’t eat fish, while he is eating fish?) This puzzles me to no end.

Ajummas Gone Wild (Lao-Ocean-Girl)

Karl’s How to Make Korean Pizza


You heard it on SeoulPodcast first! The beef protest was combined with a memorial for the two girls’ deaths in the tank incident. And, five new agenda iems are being added to the protests. Of course Brian has the scoop in detail. I thought they died in December, but it was June. Whatever, no one cared about them until the World Cup ended. Read through to the part about a Korean soldier running over a politician while on duty and not getting punished. Also, read to the OECD stats that 82 children die daily in Korea– 70% in traffic accidents.

I can’t believe this didn’t make the news (or at least that it was such small coverage that I didn’t notice it). I found that while looking for the online article about the girl that was kidnapped. I also found this about a spate of child rapes in Dongducheon (which despite being a US Army base, all were commited by Koreans).


Dear King Sejong (And other contributers of the SeoulPodcast),

Just an email to say thanks for producing this show, I am a regular listener and joy the laid back style of the show.

I have been ‘studying’ Korean for 2 years – very casually – and have really enjoyed discovering Korean culture and the food in particular suits my South African born tongue. Oh, and King Sejong, thanks for the Hangul, it rocks just like your ipod.

I now live in New Zealand and have found heaps of Korean shops and restaurants where I can stumble through ordering a plate of food.  Living outside Korea I find most Koreans will instantly switch to English when you approach them in Korean.  This might help their English but doesn’t give me much time to practice 😉 .

My question is if the wise people form the show have any tips on learning the language outside of the country before moving to Korea, and also how successful were they and how living in Korea improved their speaking?  My wife isn’t keen on the idea of moving to Korea you see.

Anyways,  Don’t be too hard on our Koreans brothers, the ones over here at least are very friendly and helpful 😉

Elton ***

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