Guest: Shawn Morrissey (The Dark Side of Seoul Podcast) https://darksideofseoul.com/podcast

Shawn Morrissey (The Dark Side of Seoul Podcast) joins us to discuss foreign teachers being omitted from vaccination lists. Plus these amusing and sometimes hair-pulling stories:

  • The K-gov again not anticipating things, like the Delta variant
  • And that there are more 55-59-year-olds than there are vaccines
  • Does a car-bound protest violate social distancing protesting rules?
  • CNBC praises a 26-year-old ESL teacher for saving money on her meager salary
  • Movers move the wrong apartment
  • BTS accidentally promotes American butter instead of Korean food
  • SM Entertainment warns stans to not be STANS
  • A very racist Masterclass

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