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Susan Morgan (Actor, Director)


Seoul under fire over response to Fukushima radiation


Took a while for the CJ CEO to get “medical leave”


Fascinating details–North Korea’s Crystal Meth Problem


K Pop Cram schools

I guess it’s safe now–Kim Jong-un inspects construction site for ski resort


Like S Korea but without the word “hub”–North Korea Hopes to Attract 5,000 Customers A Day at New Ski Resort


Don’t open the crate labeled 9906753–Prosecution visits national archives to search for transcript


SeoulPodcast 9906753



Why Is This Samsung Ad So Terrible?


Let’s promote Korean… Milk?


Namyang Dairy asks police to investigate ‘frog formula’ incident


Twenty hurt at LG event as promotional stunt goes wrong


“Fortunately, the U.S. court didn’t accept the plaintiff’s racial discrimination charges.”–Why “fortunately?”


Because miniskirts are for winter only–South Korean women wear ‘refrigerator pants’ to beat the heat


Gmarket aims to lead mobile shopping business


Again, we have the most advanced highways. Too bad the content is more like Tin Lizzies


So…freaking angry right now…I want to Hulk out at Google Korea – Seoul Eats


Schools caught running CCTV in violation of rules


KAIST Professors Criticize English-only Lecture Policy


Court Favors Yale in Suit Involving Fake Degree


Ministry reconsiders NEAT for college admission

And it’s because of foreigners–Sharp rise in suppliers of illegal psychoactive drugs: prosecution


Crayon Pop’s alleged connection to far-right website touches nerve


WTF – Psy…Deodorant?



Seoul Ex-Patriots first all-foreign team in Woosu League baseball


Who knew that Liberation Day was a time for adults to colour?


When foreign teachers complain about hagwons not paying them, guess who the real victim is?



So, this is a competition now–Actress Tosses The Most Amazing First Pitch Ever


Korean woman instantly fails her driving test


British group makes a Korean version of their single–Little Mix – Wings (날개) (Korean Ver.)


DISCOVERY: Never Before Seen Video Of Japan Tsunami


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