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Jesse Watt (EBS)

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Kenneth Bae Is No ‘Bargaining Chip,’ North Korea Says –

From Clinton to Carter to… Rodman?

Dennis Rodman says heading back to North Korea

Int’l hacking group claims to have attacked N. Korean Web sites

N. Korea replaces hawkish armed forces minister

@YonhapNews WTF?–South Korean Newspaper May Have Just Printed the Worst Photoshop Ever

Park tells Obama they share ‘blessed’ names

U.S. extends visa waiver program for S. Korea

Park sacks spokesman Yoon for sexual harrassment

Some more info– Blue House Spokesman Sacked, Suspected of Sexual Assault in U.S.

Another bad Photoshop–or a great one!

Fired Aide to South Korean Leader Denies Improper Conduct

And he gets sleazier– Dismissed presidential spokesman admits to groping woman during Cheong Wa Dae investigation

“At the time, we could not tell the truth.”

SKorea sexual assault fiasco: Attacks on the victim and an SNL parody


Japan WWII ‘comfort women’ were ‘necessary’ – Hashimoto

Pyeongchang 2018 Winter Olympics Official Logo Released

South Korean Olympic logo is ‘risk-y business – NY Daily News




Police investigates 악플러s (internet commenters who leave abusive comments) against “Little Psy” – includes racial abuse


Gmail users are communists


WTF– Police criticized for waiting an hour and WATCHING during a sexual assault


South Korea Seeks Arrest of Podcaster Choo Chin-woo


Effed up– Father of school bullying victim pleas to delinquents with gifts “Please don’t hurt my child”



Suicide of Saleswoman Prompts Boycott of Lotte Conglomerate

Foul language and brutual sales tactics lead to anti-Namyang Yutong (dairy company) campaign

Namyang’s Spilt Milk

Namyang apology doesn’t go down well

Food makers toughen sales rules


Samsung responsible for recent hydrofluoric acid leak: gov’t

DOH– Samsung executive apologizes for gaffe


Five killed in furnace gas leak at steel plant

Food makers frown at Lotte’s copycat behavior



What geographic features are there on Dokdo?

Hangeul Museum to open next year

Got sucked into the comments– One-woman Anti-Multiculturalism Protest Ignites Debate


Instant Ramyun Sales Rankings: Chapaguri (Chapagetti + Noguri) beats Shin Ramyun | The Marmot’s Hole



SAT Cancelled in Korea Due to Continued Leaking of Questions, the Academic Odyssey Continues

South Korea cheating scandal hits university bids


Native English teacher head count continues decline: As regional programs continue phaseouts, competence of Korean teachers called into question

English teacher training program struggles


Corporal Punishment Banned In Korean Schools


Atlanta represent– Atlanta English School Linked To Korean Prostitution Ring



Comments– Gay director Kim Jo Kwang Soo announces marriage plans


Psy responds to being called ‘herpes of music’ by Green Day’s Billie Joe Armstrong


Witnesses report a different story to Nichkhun’s drunk driving scandal



American wanted for sex crimes against children found to have taught in Korea for the last 8 years

Update on the ‘wanted teacher’ case

Comparison of articles about sex crimes by Korean teachers and the most recent case


Kukmin Ilbo editorial demands stricter government controls over foreign English teachers


History is relevant today– One politician’s take on foreign English teachers in 1997

Kim Han-gil: “Elementary school students are defenseless before things like AIDS”


Something smells fishy– German diplomat probed over alleged assault during dog-bite row


Two foreign English teachers died in Incheon over the weekend

Fundraising for teacher who fell to his death in Incheon

HABO: Help out 3-year-old Hannah Warren of Seoul get a new trachea



Random Gwangju – Snoop Dogg (Lion)

47 Cringeworthy Tattoos Being Regretted As We Speak



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