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Andy Tebay (Kojects)


Korean Solution to Electric Power Supply for Public Transport

Here are the miss korea 2013 contestants. – Imgur

Miss Korea 2013 contestants–in an animated GIF

Korea’s plastic surgery mayhem is finally converging on the same face.

For those who thought those identical beauty contestants was makeup and not surgery…



The comments– Foreign media outlets poke fun at Miss Korea contestants

Hyun named ‘2013 Miss Seoul’

Netizens say she’s ugly. But no one mentions her four arms.– Kwak Ka

Female stars with ‘Asian’ faces

Unique/unflattering make up concepts



Korea’s National Treasure No. 1, Restored – Korea Real Time – WSJ

Restored Sungnyemun set to reopen


Former NIS director called in for questioning

Prosecutors Raid South Korean Spy Agency –

Remaining South Korean Managers Leave Plant in North – and


Oh, for fuck’s sake, Abe…


Include traffic control in there, and we’re talkin’–Park renews call for strict rule of law | YONHAP NEWS


Opening of Everline



Koreans Arrested for Using Spa as a Front for Prostitution in Alabama


Now that’s a stat: “One-fifth of men in their 20s buy sex at least four times a month”


And then there’s Samsung…


Chaebol hoard earnings over economic slump


Flight attendants top list for most emotional labor


Alternative public holidays–Give me a break

When Prof wants to cancel your degree – YouTube

A moment when professor thinks he is a God

More on the professor who called his Indonesia students ‘animals’

Professor calls foreign student a ‘low animal’


LuiginaKorea: Preference v Racism.


Oh, the irony of Koreans complaining of cultural insensitivity when traveling

Ewha Womans University Invaded by Swarms of Chinese Tourists

Another Korean, another offensive coffee receipt

Oh Hell No: Blackface in Asian American fraternity video

Netizens catch JYP photoshopping 2PM’s Tokyo Dome photos?

Funny (but Kind of Perverted?) Things Korean Kids Do!


Chinese media, “The reason Korean actors are preferred is because they have a cheap guarantee”

Gagman Jung Bum Kyun saves a man about to commit suicide


Watch The Tonight Show with Jay Leno: Robert Downey Jr.’s Gangnam Style online | Free | Hulu

Hyundai introduces flying car to deal with congested cities



Two-year-old girl from Seoul gets brand-new windpipe made from her own stem cells


Fundraising for seriously ill foreign teacher in Gwangju


Bring your pimp when apartment hunting–The Apartment.


When pot, gyopos and USFK mail collide



Oooh, a new interesting blog about dating…


100 South Korean Nerd Boys Have A Puberty Meltdown

Korean Sociological Image #77: Sexualized Girl-Group Performances at Schools



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