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Noe Alonzo – RokOn

Doddie Householder – A Box of Jalapenos


BigHominid’s Hairy Chasms: meeting ZenKimchi’s Joe McPherson



So that reefed Chinese fishing vessel was really a cover for endangered species poaching. Good one, China.

Psy “Gentleman” – Kpop Music Mondays – Eat Your Kimchi

“Gentleman” may beat “Gangnam Style’s” records?

Panty shot in Psy’s ‘Gentleman’?

South Korean TV Network Bans Psy’s Video

Psy’s cone kicking ushers in end of world

PSY’s new single ‘Gentleman’ continues record run


South Korean Police Say Spy Service Tried to Influence Election –

Police whistleblower claims whitewash in election probe-The Korea Herald


Int’l hacking group claims cyber-attack on Korean bank



Samsung has not denied the incident, calling it “unfortunate” and saying that it was due to insufficient understanding of the company’s principles.


POSCO exec unhappy with ramen, smacks flight attendant with magazine


Alternative holiday may be available

“It is clear that an increased number of holidays with the introduction of alternative holiday system will damage competitiveness of our companies severely,” said the Korea Employers Federation in a statement.

The Body Language of Bill Gates

That time of year again–MBC hit piece on foreign English teachers 2013

More on the MBC report


South Korean Anti-Discrimination Law Faces Conservative Pushback · Global Voices

Anti-American types set fire to English hagwon in Daegu


Okay, we’re done here–Korean Teacher Beats Up Student, Then Masturbates in Hallway – koreaBANG

Boggi Milano in Korea. Unfortunately can sound like something else in Korean.

Break out your guyliner–10% of Korean Men Wear Makeup


Netizen reaction to men wearing makeup


Lingerie bars illegal: court | The Marmot’s Hole


Gender ministry pledges to fight sex tourism


Jeju theme park ordered to return dolphins to sea. Most died before this decision.

Chris Golightly posts a suicide note?


Safety Issues on Shinbundang Line


Next Korean Wave: Post-Pregnancy Care Centers?

9 Wonderfully Bonkers Moments In G-Dragon’s New Video

“미치GO M/V” is more proof that no one makes better (or weirder) videos than G-Dragon. ..


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