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Will the Korean Pop Culture Boom Have Legs? – Speakeasy – WSJ


Korean assaulted by white kids in Australia, gets finger cut off
Another Korean attacked in Australia, Yonhap decries gov’t, police response

» Korean Students Rob Beijing Convenience Store, Charges Aren’t Pressed Beijing Cream

Lone Star Funds Commences Investor-State Dispute v. Gov’t of Korea


South Korean Man Given Suspended Sentence for Twitter Posts

Ahn Cheol-soo Withdraws Candidacy in South Korea –

NSFL–Satirical painting of Park Geun-hye causes a row

Large Retailers In Korea Can Now Be Closed for Up To 3 Days A Month

“10. International students at a graduate school in Seoul were able to receive falsified chemistry degrees…”

Psy Gangnam Style Bobble Head

Why Korean Taxi Drivers Might Refuse to Take You!

This year’s top contender for most offensive xenophobic anti-native speaking English teacher rant



App of the week

The Huge Ackman is back–Picture of the Day: Hugh Jackman Back In Korea

AWESOME!!–“The Ring” style prank doesn’t work out so well on Korean girl

22 People Sticking It To The Man

One we talked about earlier is #5–The Top 5 Corporate Twitter Disasters of 2012


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