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US soldier accused of raping Korean teen
SKorea: US soldier to be indicted for sexually assaulting teen | Asian Correspondent
Oh, for the love of Christ…

Police arrest man for indecent assault against a foreign teacher

Positive Developments in Laws on Sexual Assault

SKorea: Extradition imminent in Itaewon Burger King murder?

Things That Make You Go Whaa?

Some of these are truly head scratching–Most-read articles of the week — October 9, 2011
1. A study of time spent studying by high school students in Korea, Japan, China, and America found that Korean students spend by far the most time studying. Americans came fourth at six hours per day, with Japan and China at seven hours per day with Saturday classes (although actually many Japanese schools have abolished Saturday classes).

2. With the upcoming release of the film “The Crucible”, based on the sexual abuse scandal at the Gwangju Inhwa School, a diary written by a female prosecutor during the trial was published online.

3. A doctor was arrested on charges of repeatedly sexually assaulting a nurse beginning six years ago and recording the attacks on video.

4. A second American soldier was accused of sexually assaulting a Korean teenager.

5. A driver in Seongnam who was also a pastor was killed in a car accident, leaving his family bereft.

6. An Incheon bus driver had a heart attack and died while waiting for a red light.

7. A young man was struck and killed by a car on the highway after he ran after a bus he needed to catch.

8. A man confessed to groping a jogger after pulling her pants off because he liked her legs.

9. An article about high school students learning to express their frustrations in poetry.

10. Police officers on their way home from work apprehended a sexual assault suspect.

Gusts Of Popular Feeling: The true origin of pizza
Creative Korean Advertising #26: Koreans Laughing at Themselves

Ha! The weaknesses just reveal the weaknesses in Korean computing habits–A smaller, faster Web-based laptop

Kpop Can’t Take Over America. Neither Can Anybody

Reebok Assvertising Full of Hot Air: Korean Reactions

SKorea lacks system to curb corporate abuses

Time Wasters

I’m Korean, I have a book that proves it! « Eugene is huge!


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