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North Korea threatens to retaliate against leaflets.

Seo Taiji was married?! People care?!

Subway groper high court judge (not foreign teacher)

Foreign teacher sexually assaulted by a group of students in Anyang They were undoubtedly drunk and curious.

Don’t worry, foreigners are still untrustworthy and dangerous

You got your Apple in my Samsung! You got your Samsung in my Apple! (one link, but there are a bajillion stories)

Korea tobacco growers think Australian anti-smoking legislation is in violation of fair trade, or some crap like that I just hope they don’t dismember any animals.

Founder of SM Entertainment lectures Stanford business students on how to create a pop machine

Now even medical journals are painting foreign teachers as alcoholics, well the illegal ones, but they’re hard to find, so they want to test the E2s

Take the late-night intercity bus at your own peril

ROK Military opens to mixed-race enlistees