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Since it’s Halloween: Blood! Blood! Blood! (Don’t you meen register?)

Google Halloween Scooby Doo Doodles.
E2 Visa Rules postponed to 2012?! (PG)
No more HIV tests for Foreigners – oh, except E2 applicants

Kushibo recaps the Grand Prix. Was it a failure?

“Speed Bumps” Says the JoongAng (BiJnD)

Another Overseas Korean F4 holding Gyopo English Teacher found to be a murderer on the run
Opium eating foreign teachers – Korean education doomed.

Perverted sex act filmed in classroom (presumably by an E2 teacher)

Speaking of beating – Teachers think corporal punishment should be reinstated.

Now that schools are finally implementing the ban

And here’s a Principal who deserves a smack upside the head!

The Plot Thickens, (MH) Woman found smuggling 500lbs of Pot into the States may in infact be Samsung Heiress as first claimed.

Yongsan’s Red (pink?) light district all but gone.However road to development not so smooth

And finally for the news something a little lighter – Youngest daughter of Vladimir Putin is set to marry a Korean dude, and by all accounts will soon move into a medium size Gangnam apartment with the Dude’s mum while he spends 15 hours a day “At work”.


Dick so Big – By the Gochu Boys (MH)

And least we go one episode of The SeoulPodcast without mentioning K-Pop, JYJ is going global.

Just in time for Halloween and ¬†Peppero day, it’s ACE day (BiJn-D)

Halloween Action – courtesy of 10 Magazine – you will have missed by the time the podcast comes out)

Epic iPhone Halloween costume

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