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Hosts Karl Mamer and Jennifer Young

Chuseok and Rain (not the singer)!

NYC Korean teachers want to turn chuseok into a local holiday, after all they give Jews religious holidays.

When Monkeys Attack!

Not Jennifer being attacked but a close approximation:

How to Prevent or Survive a Monkey Attack:

Surprise! Korean IRS starts to tax teacher fringe benefits

Toronto cops gotta pay up too:

Playing the foreigner card

Apparently the Ministry of Education thinks you need to be a “power blogger” to be a successful student

Life sentence sought for Korean murderer of Vietnamese wife

The lawyer added, “because his young wife was totally unable to cook Korean food and could not speak Korean at all, he developed a lot of stress from having to teach her and, with his mind full of concern for his wife, he failed to take prescription drugs at the hospital and began hallucinating, leading to him committing this crime.”

Not the drunk or curious defense. But the “she couldn’t cook Korean food” defense.

Why does the government even ALLOW a man on meds to marry a mail order bride?

Viet Brides Don’t Run Away

Corporal punishment ban is ‘changing school culture’

Korea, No Place for Young Women, but about Whom Policy Is Decided by Old Men

The birth control catch-22

And yes, precisely because Koreans have a collective mental block and inability to talk frankly about the sex most adults are already having, it must also be said, in order to lay out the nature of things here, that condom use is FROWNED upon in Korea. Sure, a few — a very few — might insist on using one, but it’s generally considered a near-insult to even ask, as if you were saying, “You seem like one of the dirty THOSE who might ‘have AIDS’ or some disease. So I want to use a condom.”


If you’re a girl and ask for one, you’re implying you’re a slut because that means you obviously have enough experience and partners to worry about it, and it’s a reflection of what you apparently think about the ethical and physical cleanliness of the man.


If you’re a man, you are casting suspicion upon her potentially problematic poontang, and/or are obviously a “playboy.” If you are a truly up-and-up guy, you’ll be “clean” and won’t pose a threat. Only “dirty” people get STD’s.

More rh negative blood problems

Brian is married

Go Brian!

Shawn Matthews, Korea Life blogger who killed himself, and why you don’t want to provide other expats with too many details about your life

Read some of his self published book here:

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Rhino Party of Canada

In 1984 the Rhinos were #4 in party standings,_1984

Joe in NYC

Top act’s crap NYC treatment

Sweet Korean Rice Drink

Red Cross Charging for Donuts

Know Your Crazy Third Party Guy

Taco Bell Korea