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The UnSeoulPodcast Karl, Jennifer, and Stafford edition


iPad in Korea

@YonhapNews: Apple launches much-anticipated iPad in China

Galaxy Tab

@YonhapNews: Samsung’s Galaxy Tab to arrive in U.S. via 4 mobile carriers

Starcraft II

And from the Great White North:


Cafe Princess


Board Game Cafe In Toronto


Porjangmatcha in Toronto

North Korea

China Opposed to Succession (RoKDrop)

Succession snag may be behind delay of key political meeting in N. Korea

Crackdown of the week

New immigration rules for the G20: fingerprinting suspicious people. Amnesty to get out of Korea

People who write books say…

Best selling author declares Korean kids 100 years behind the times but that’s good

Temple Stay not so great, says nobody author:

Oriental Medicine

Should you even come to Korea if you have rh negative blood?

Five places in Seoul you’re not partying at yet:

The teen queen prize in creative writing goes to…

As it turns out, escaped convicts not killing high school girls in Incheon



And the Grand Narrative I don’t think gets enough props


Joseph Steinberg’s podcast

Karl at TAM and hanging out with Michael Goudeau, Mac King (best day time show in Vegas and guest on Penn Radio), Penn Jillette, the Amazing Randi, and soon to be famous juggler/magician Jacob Jax (oh, and Big Frankie from Penn Radio fame).[email protected]/

Stafford‘s Chuseok gift