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THE BIG #100!

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NEWS! (What would a Seoul Podcast be without having a look at this week’s news)

World Cup:

SK Vs. Greece 2:0
NK Vs. Brazil 1:2
NZ Vs. Slovakia 1:1 – Aye!? Aye!? Aye?!
SK Vs. Argentina 4:1
People get laid when their Team wins. (NZ drew and I got nufink!)

차두리 is a robot.

Look out for Shinsagae’s upcoming Fire Sale:”I heard that a cook was away while a frying pan on the stove was left alone. This is a disregard to safety. I’ll enhance safety education,” said Chung Yong-jin, vice chairman of Shinsegae Group, on Twitter.
Twitter going mental in Korea – Korea’s first Twitter Suicide.

USA tells UN to react “Strongly” to NK over Chonan.

Russia says Hang on a minute.

Rocket goes BOOM! Let’s try again. Chosun Ilbo calls shenanigans.

11th annual Queer Festival Parade.

Yet Korea still seems a bit homophobic
More on Korea’s inefficient Education System – this time from the FT.


PANELIST Brian Aylward, comedian

Win a Beer
Answers in BOLD
The ones without definite answers we can ask Brian

If you were at a grocery store and saw an ajumma with a shipping tape
gun, what would expect her to do with it?

1) Tape shut the mouths of children shouting “waekgook saram!” at you
2) Tape down extension cords stretched across the floor because she
noticed it could present a tripping hazard
3) Tape a month’s supply of ramen noodles to a 1 liter jug of banana milk?

What is the closest subway station to the new National Museum Of Korea?

1) The Incheon Station
2) The Isu Station
3) The Ichon Station
4) The Seokchon Station

If a Korean wanted to get Crunky with you, does he or she mean:

1) Go get drunk
2) Go get something that almost simulates a chocolate bar
3) Go get something that almost simulates a chocolate bar and then,
most likely, go get drunk

If you ordered bibimbap dolsot style, your bibimbap would come in:

1) A metal bowl
2) A china bowl
3) A stone bowl
4) A waffle cone

Which of the following cannot cure or prevent disease in Korea?

1) Kimchi
2) Bacchus-D
3) a shot of Soju in a pint of Cass Red, and keep ’em coming
4) Your ondol floor turned up to 30c in summer time
5) Western science-based medicine

You just called your Korean girlfriend “your sweet pumpkin” and she
slapped you. Did she slapped you because:

1) Pumpkin means ugly in Korean
2) You didn’t buy her a couple ring, a couple shirt, and the couple
set at A Twosome Place?
3) You weren’t holding her purse while saying it.
4) You only called her 4 times today

What is usually not used to make soju?

1) Rice
2) Hops
3) Sweet potatoes
4) Tapioca

It’s your last day at work and you bought your best class a pepperoni
and mushroom pizza. Your students seemed not to enjoy the pizza. Why?

1) Koreans traditionally don’t like cheese.
2) You forgot the pickles and blueberry dipping sauce. How could you
forget the pickles and blueberry dipping sauce?
3) You paid more than 5,000 won for the pizza
4) You got pizza made for woman, not pizza made for student!
5) Dude. Pepperoni? Mushrooms? On a pizza? Seriously, who eats that shit?

On a subway map, what color is line 8 traditionally depicted as?

1) Pink
2) Yellow
3) Purple
4) Aquamarine
5) Mauve

What chemical substance is not found in Seoul’s tap water?

1) Lead
2) Cadmium
3) Aluminum salts
4) Fluoride
5) potable H20

Which is the correct chronological order for the following
historically important Koreans:

1) King Gojong, King Sejong, Admiral Yi Sun Shin, Kim Yu Na
2) King Sejong, King Gojong, Admiral Yi Sun Shin, Mr. Pizza
3) King Sejong, Admiral Yi Sun Shin, King Gojong, Guus Hiddink
4) Admiral Yi Sun Shin, King Sejong, King Gojong, Brown Eyed Girls

What’s the most accurate translation of “도우미 Girl”?

1) Helper Girl
2) Narrator Model
3) Race Queen
4) Why I’ve walked past that new Popeye’s Fried Chicken 18 times today

What was the GS-25 chain of convenience stores formerly known as?

1) GS-24
2) LG-25
3) SG-25
4) Happy 25
5) Harvard

You’ve been living in Seoul for 3 years. Which of the following is
most likely to still alarm you?

1) A motorcycle on the sidewalk
2) An ajusshi smoking while jogging
3) A school bus running a red light
4) Toilet paper on your restaurant table
5) A drunk salary man passed out on the subway tracks
6) A white person moved into your apartment building

Which is the greatest impossibility for the Metropolitician Michael Hurt?

1) Describing a summer movie without an over-the-top superlative or “da bomb”
2) Meeting a beautiful young woman without prostrating himself on the ground to take her picture
3) Restraining from turning a blog comment into a blog post
4) Twitter’s 140-character limit

If hell exists, what would your punishment be?

1) An eternal online flame war with Kushibo using only logic on your end
2) Listening to Charles Montgomery talk about Korean literature
3) Watching a rugby game next to a drunk Australian who constantly says how superior it is to hockey and American football no matter how gay it looks (applies to North Americans only)

4) A 6×6 room with Isaac Durst after three cups of coffee and a handful of sugar
5) Teaching a Korean kindergarten where you constantly have to pick up dropped erasers
6) Mokdong Immigration


  1. Who was the first panelist on the first episode? Karl Mamer
  2. Which panelist said the memorable line that samgyeopsal and beer have to “come in the mouth?” Michael Hurt
  3. How does Joe’s wife describe his figure? womanish
  4. What two questions does Stafford want to ask Lee Myeong Bak?
  5. How can you get a transcript of the SeoulPodcast?
  6. Out of the three hosts, who has done more podcasts overall?

MUSICAL GUEST: Chris Wright, Hard Tack & Gruel

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