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SeoulPodcast “BIG 100” live from the rooftop at Roofers in Itaewon
Saturday, 19 June 2010 @ 2 p.m.
Burger & Beer W10,000
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Karl Mamer, recently interviewed by the Skeptical Review, who describe him as “surprisingly short with a kind face” (He’s not surprisingly short to ME…) and he mentioned Joe and I and SP and introduced the Korean pose to the skeptic community.


There was an election. I’m guessing the ajossi with the forced smile won… Apparently, not the GNP ajossi with the forced smile, though.
– Replace the whole cabinet… again?
– Monk set himself on fire
The DPs won in Seoul.

“Seoul residents show more interest in jobs, residences and education, and we plan to drastically cut budgets used for projects such as the Han River Renaissance and Design Capital Seoul, which we deem to be focused on just polishing the surface of Seoul,” an official with the DP said.

Did Twitter cause the upset?

  • Highest turnout in 15 years (54.5%)
  • Hwang Ju-hee, 26, was one of those who decided to vote after receiving text messages saying that “votes from the young generation are crucial.” Hwang, who works in Seoul, had initially decided not to return to her hometown in Gimhae, South Gyeongsang, where she was registered to vote, to cast her ballot. But she changed her mind after she saw the text messages. (So that’s the way to influence young Korean women…hmm…)

ROK withholding aid until NK apologizes for Cheonan. Not as hard-assed as they could have been, but it’s something.

Lankov: “Smart manipulations are better than an honest war.”
Kwak No-hyun, elected Seoul’s education superintendent says, “the current policies are too competition-oriented and emphasized the need for education that builds students’ character and creativity on the whole.” He also wants to provide free lunches, smaller classes and better teachers to low-income schools. Why hasn’t he been tarred and feathered yet?

“I am worried about how much more time I will have to invest in doing other things besides my regular teaching,” said Park, a teacher at Kongjin Middle School.

Update on the Hwang Jang-Yop assassination case.
Will LG be providing display panels for the 4G iPhone?


Oh, Korea Times,  you really know how to prioritize the news. Stafford’s been busily following their “news”.
Koreans may be too “educated.” Well, I think we knew that. It’s not in the article, but I think about 30% of Americans hold college degrees.
Academic inflation?

“67.3 percent, said that the reason was Korean society’s excessive emphasis on one’s educational background, alluding to the possibility that people are more concerned about the social status that a job brings them than they are with the salary the position would bring.”

Deliberate Dumbing Down of America

Chicken hofs excited that there will be two (2!) evening World Cup matches.

Looking at the different hofs’ pictures, is it strange for me to say that Two-Two has some sexy looking chicken?

Can we not call it “Drunken Rice” please?

Also, maybe not a good idea to promote makkoli by teaching people how to make it, considering that it can kill you if a tiny thing goes wrong.

NK has developed an anti-aging “Super Drink”


Korea has finally caught on to low-cost carriers. Not ex-pat specific, but most of us like to travel, and even hagwon teachers have more vacation than the average office worker.
BiJND pretty much sums up all expat happenings of the week in one concise post.
Eat Your Kimchi pisses off netizens?

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Stafford’s next suit.
The iSamsung phone
From Curtis Desjardins via Facebook, see 20 Sept 1994

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