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Hannah Bae (The JoongAng Ilbo)

4 Rivers Project


Samsung Sues Michael Breen citing damage to its reputationand then having had it’s reputation damaged, withdraws
Breen still to answer a Criminal case for liableUN Special Rapporteur in town talking about freedom of speech – good timing in light of the above.

unqualified pop stars on fake visas
more here.Korean Family dies in New Zealand

New Zealander dies in Korea
Happy Birthday to The Dear Leader Comrade General Kim Jong Il. Here’s some Cold Fusion
North Korea’s Expo neighbour Iran – Coincidence?
The JoongAng compares Chosun with Chosun (read by Hannah Bae)

Still can’t do it in terms of Software – Developers shun Samsung Phone OS “Bada”

Then again who cares when you have 3D Avatar in your living room. and here. And at the JoongAng.
4 Rivers
Things that make you go Waaaah?
Wangdda still cool since last week
Dirty Foreigners

Foreigner dies in Pohang

Recent articles about foreign arrests.

Time Wasters

Life of a Salaryman. Best animated .gif ever

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