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Happy Children’s Mothers’ Parents’ Day!!!
It’s Election Season! First up – Mayoral candidates

More politicking

Don’t we get a day off on election day? (June 2)

Yup, It was a torpedo

South Korea getting as many people involved on the ship thing, just in case some ass needs to be kicked

From Three Wise Monkeys

Meanwhile Dear Leader Comrade General Kim Jong Il took the slow boat train to China
But it is a very stylish train

N.Korean Leader Hints at Return to Nuclear Talks
Happy Parents’ Day
A commander gives a report to other commanders and President Lee Myung-bak, who sits at the head of the table, and says, “The amount of soil caused by dredging is a threat to national security. Should we deploy troops to it?” The commander points to a slide in which there is a heap of soil labeled “soil of the Four Major Rivers Restoration Project construction.”

The Ministry of Defense has agreed to the request by the Lee Myung-bak administration to deploy the ROK Army to assist with the construction for the Four Major Rivers Restoration Project. Observers are citing this as the first large-scale deployment of military labor for a government-led construction project since the time of military dictatorship.

From the Hankyoreh – always ready to equate Ol’ Bung Eye with Korea’s dictatorial past.

Food Festival action – Dokbukki etc. Joe?

The Rhetoric of Korean Food GlobalisationGlobalizing Korea: A Rhetoric of Food

Things that make you go Whaa?
Drunk Chinese men insert live eel in drunken/passed out friend’s bum, friend dies

Long article on how “Wangdda” is cool and how businesses are starting to embrace it.
Room Salon Addict Speaks
And more on room salons. Why on earth you would accompany such a story with a picture of Gangnam / Yeoksam I will never know….

Now that its legal you can bring in an iPad, but at 1.2million for an 2nd hand one – I Think I’ll wait thanks very much
Tree of the Day
Expat Community

Chris’s review of Dan’s iPhone App

Stafford’s review of Dan’s iPhone App

Korean females dig the foreign lads

Congratulations Rob. I don’t envy you.

Time Wasters

Top 20 Japanese horror films

Seen IronMan 2 yet? If you were in Korea then you saw it before Japan AND the US

Texts from Korean Girls

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