SeoulPodcast #131: The Shocking Truth

Jun 7, 2012 by

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MBC Under Fire For “Racially Charged Video” – Busan Haps
Roboseyo: Racist MBC Video: Some Perspective and Marching Orders
A tasty xenophobic morsel
Scroozle’s Sanctuary: Racist Propaganda on MBC
Utterly inexcusable xenophobic propaganda on MBC
The Shocking Truth About Sexist/Racist MBC Programming (And What We’re Doing About It)
Korea Herald: Expats outraged by ‘racist’ MBC report
Xenophobia, Ignorance, and Racism (외국인혐오, 무지, 그리고 인종차별주의)
Korean article on the racist MBC video: “한국인 사귀는 우리, 범법자 아닙니다”
OhmyNews (Korean version) about #racistMBC video


American General in South Korea Replaced After Spy Report


Yeosu’s Dolsan Bridge and EXPO 2012 Venue
Was the Yeosu Expo Debacle Necessary?

Quick Hit: Sex Survey of 6000 Korean University Students

The details are more disgusting than the headline–Men sentenced to 5, 10 years for raping teen

SKorea: Inhwa School scandal lawsuit drags on with change of venue
Chosun Ilbo declares war on public drunkeness

Politician Tells North Korean Defector He Betrayed His Country
Lawmaker Apologizes for Calling North Korean Defectors “Traitors”

Picture of the Day: The Dear Leader Tongue Scraper

Students Make Teacher Kneel and Apologise to Class

Controversial Military ‘Sandbag Puppy’ Assault Video

Korean Shellfish Banned In the US

Korean Film Director Believes 9/11 Attacks Happened Because of Orientalism In Asian Films

The Google Hunt Joined Once Again


The Queen’s 60th (diamond) Jubilee – this is why only God can save the Queen

Great animated GIFs of what life is like in Korea #funny

8 Must Watch Korea YouTubers with Over 1 Million Views

Why am I just finding this one?–마익흘 – Seoul Subway Song 서울 지하철 노래 – YouTube

Behind the Scenes with Wonder Girls, Sistar, and MBLAQ


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  • One doesn’t need to go southern – although my mother’s side is Floridian and I also have family in Georgia/Alabama – to compare this misogyny. My mother and father divorced, and my mother is married now to a Jewish man. My father and his family, all of whom are northerners, went ballistic. If you need to know why I have reason to distrust Christian clergy first, my father’s pastor, in the church where my father became a deacon, pulled me from Sunday school classes, to warn me about Judaism and to abandon my mother because she was dating a “Jew”. This MBC crap has not hit that level yet, and I’ll be optimistic. But, as a “half-southerner”, I have to remind Americans that there are several variants of bigotry in the US, that the Koreans could choose to imitate. If anyone hasn’t had the pleasure, read Alex Haley’s “Autobiography of Malcolm X” and compare it with MLK, Jr.’s experiences. I say this is misogyny, because, like my bigoted father, this MBC crap is a way to hate women, by singling them out as special cases for protection and reduce gender relations to sex. Lurking beneath this is, that Korean women are fighting for an equal shake.

    • Truth in a Can

      You’re completely full of crap. If any of you lived in the South, you’d understand race relations from a different perspective. And I’ve hardly ever met misogynists here, except 95% of black men. It must be nice to feel like a know-it-all from your cultured, leftist, “half-southern” viewpoint.

  • Great as always. I can relate to growing up in the South as well. I’ve mentioned many times that to me, Korea’s race relations remind me of 1095s-60s America and all the turmoil the ensued.

    •  I’d even go so far as to suggest that the “progressives” echo the Dixiecrats of that era, too.

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  • A big difference between Blackout Korea and what the Chosun Ilbo did was that (from a brief look at The Marmot’s Hole links) their identity was pixelated out by the CSI but not BOK. 

    By the way, interesting (and painfully thorough) rundown of the infamous MBC video. Kudos.